Gas Technician 1

About G1

Third-Party Funded course. Employees under this arrangement have their tuition paid for bye their employer.

The Gas Technician 1 course we offer is 140 hours in length. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate from TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority). This program will provide a complete coverage of the TSSA Act and Regulations.

TSSA certification theory and practical exams are administered at the end of the course.

The student is required to maintain an 80% attendance record.

Please note: Third-Party funded course. Registration is restricted to students whose training is being arranged and paid for by their employer. Issued by TS Technical College: Record of Course Completion Exam: New – TSSA charges $75.00 for an exam that is ordered and not used. Cancellations are permitted 10 business days prior to exam date. Substitute participants are no longer permitted. *Third-Party Funded courses do not qualify for issuance of a T2202A slip.


a) A valid G.2 certificate of qualification;

b) Written confirmation of work experience detailing two years (4000 hours) of field experience as a G.2, of which at least 500 hours must be on systems with a firing rate in excess of 400,000 Btuh under direct supervision by a supervising certificate holder;

Proof of Experience Documentation - the following supporting documentation must be submitted to the Training and Certification Services Department, TSSA at the address below:
-detailed documentation providing proof of work experience, including letters from current or previous employer(s) on company letterhead signed by an officer of the company verifying the nature of the work experience.
- detailed documentation must include but is not limited to the following:
-Specific time period where experience has been gained (i.e. Sept 1999 to January 2003)
-Specific types of appliances and nature of work performed (i.e. furnaces/water/heaters/boilers, Industrial Process Equipment, service/installation). Describe Btuh input of equipment, total number of hours on equipment under and over 400,000 Btuh and a minimum of six addresses where work was completed.
- Reference letters from the individual(s) for whom you were working under the direct supervision on company letterhead. Including names and certificate numbers.
If verification of work experience cannot be obtained from your employer(s), a Notarized Statutory Declaration (by a Notary Public or Commissioner for Taking Oaths) must be submitted. This declaration must include the above information.

345 Carlingview Dr., Toronto, Ontario M9W 6N9

Course Length

140 hours divided up into two sessions of 9 days.


Tuition – $3475.00
G1 Student Manuals – $400.00
Ontario Act and Regulations & CAD's – $50.00
B149.1-15 Codebook – $255.00
B149.2-15 Codebook – $175.00
B149.3-15 Codebook – $175.00 (Includes: CADs)
TSSA exam/processing fee – $175.00

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Several trends are coming together that create a need for on-the-job recognition and understanding, in regards to supporting current and growing green initiatives that tackle climate change. Nationally, the federal government has made these issues a priority, especially in the Oil & Gas Industry, considered strategic for economic and security growth. Concern for the environment is one of the core values of TS Technical College, and was from the moment we opened our doors 12 years ago. Our Hybrid courses are designed to help improve the global competitiveness of business and industry through ensuring that their many workers are prepared.

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