Oil Burner Technician 2 Challenge

About OBT2 Challenge

This course is available as an in-house training program.

This course is designed to prepare you in writing the theory portion of the OBT 2 exam.

Upon successfully passing the theory exam you will be required to complete a practical skills assessment, administered by a TSSA Inspector. Upon passing the the TSSA exam an inspector will contact you directly to arrange a practical. (approx. 3 hours). You will be invoiced by TSSA directly for your practical.

Please note: Issued by TS Technical College: Record of Completion New – TSSA charges $75.00 for an exam that is ordered and not used. Cancellations are permitted 10 business days prior to exam date. Substitute participants are not permitted. *Challenge courses do not qualify for a personal tax benefit (T2202A).


As outlined in the TSSA Policies & Procedures for Oil Burner Technician Certification technicians who are seeking to challenge a higher level of Ontario Certificate of Qualification must:

a) Currently hold a valid OBT 3 Certificate of Qualification under Ontario Regulation 215/01

b) You have the appropriate pre-requisites to apply for a higher-level certificate.

The following original documentation must be submitted to the TSSA, Fuels Safety Training and Certification Department. Faxes or photocopies are not accepted.

To assist you in initiating the process, a checklist detailing the mandatory steps has been provided below.

1) A letter indicating your request.

2) Detailed documentation providing proof of work experience:

• Including letters from current and/or previous employers on company letterhead, signed by an authorized person of the company verifying the nature of the work experience. Details must include, but are not limited to:

o Specific periods where experience has been gained, identifying the specific types of equipment and the nature of work performed (i.e. furnaces/water heaters/boilers, industrial process equipment, service/installation), describing the Btuh input of all equipment. Include a minimum of six (6) addresses where work was completed.

• Reference letters from the individual(s) for whom you were working under the direct supervision, on company letterhead. Reference letters must include the supervising certificate holders name, certificate number and contact information.

• If verification of work experience cannot be obtained from previous employer(s) or the applicant is the self-employed, TSSA will review and may accept, a Notarized Statutory Declaration (by a Notary Public or Commissioner for Taking Oaths). The original declaration must be submitted, and include the above information.

3) A completed Application for an Ontario Certificate of Qualification.
• Including the $100.00 certification pre-payment.

4) A completed Application for Fuels Safety Mechanic Examination.
• Including the $100.00 examination pre-payment.

5) Assessment Fee:
• Non-refundable assessment fee pre-payment of $152.55 ($135.00 + HST).
Applicants who follow the above procedure can expect a response from TSSA within 20 business days.

Please submit all documentation to:

TSSA, Fuels Safety Training and Certification Department
345 Carlingview Drive, Toronto, Ontario M9W 6N9

Toll Free Tel: 1-877-682-8772
Email: customerservices@tssa.org

Policy & Procedures & O. Reg. 215 documents are available on the website at www.tssa.org

Course Length

35 - 38 hours, (6 consecutive days)


Tuition – $1500.00
Student Manuals – $340.00
B139-15 Codebook – $225.00
Ontario Act, Regulations, CAD and Updates – $25.00
Exam fee - prepaid to TSSA (n/a) – $200.00

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