LFHC 2017 Update Workshop (Refresher)

About LFHC2017

This course is available as an in-house training program.

All Petroleum Certificate holders attend the same one-day class.

The Liquid Fuels Handling Code, 2017 has been adopted, and came into effect, October 1, 2017.
The TSSA Fuel Safety, Liquid Fuels 2017 Mandatory Update Curriculum is designed to review
essential regulatory requirements under the TSS Act and Ontario Regulations as well as to
update PM, PMH and SO certificate holders on the requirements of the new, LFHC 2017.

Please note: You require a copy of the new LFHC 2017 to take the course. Photo Id and show proof of your TSSA certificate In-house training option available with a minimum of 15 participants. Fees may differ from above.


Valid TSSA Petroleum Certificate

Applicable to: Petroleum Mechanic 1 (PM1),Petroleum Mechanic 2 (PM2),
Petroleum Mechanic 3 (PM3), Petroleum Mechanic 4 (PM4),
Petroleum Mechanic Helper (PMH), Site Operator (SO)

Course Length

Approximately - 8 hours


Tuition – $175.00 (Includes: Workbook)
Liquid Fuels Handling Code 2017 – $155.00

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